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Best Way to Apply Skin Care Products

According to skincare professionals, it's essential to apply beauty products in a particular order as it ensures the skin receives the full effect of each item. While the skin's primary job is to keep things out of the body, the constituents of these products are nutrients the body naturally absorbs.

In other words, applying these products in the wrong order will not produce the maximum result necessary to give your skin the best glow. For this reason, this article will present the correct order to execute your skincare routine, aiding your transition into an individual with visually appealing skin.


1. Cleanser

The first item to apply during your skincare regimen is a face cleanser as you need to wash off first, dust, grime, makeup, and other factors that may prevent the smooth application of products on your face.

This first step is essential because your skin needs to be free of blockages that prevent the tissues from absorbing the beauty product's essential ingredients. Note that makeup wipes do not qualify as cleansing as they leave behind a layer of gunky residue, similar to regular dust and grime.

Instead, opt for a cleansing oil, which dissolves debris on the skin, then follow up with a creamy cleanser (primarily for skins prone to acne). You can opt for soaps, but some may be too harsh for your skin so getting a cleanser is a better option.


2. Toner

Initially, toners were mildly irritating substances used to treat the face, but fortunately, advancements in technology improved this factor, making them effective products for treating dry skin and acne.

While they're not the same, toners, function like chemical exfoliants, balancing your skin's pH and priming your face to absorb ingredients from products. You don't have to apply toners every time during your skin routine as they are entirely optional; however, if you desire maximum beauty, consider getting one.

After removing dirt and grime with your cleanser, apply it over your dry skin either at night or morning (based on your convenience) for five minutes or until it dries. The best toner is one that contains either beta-hydroxy acid (BHA) or alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) as they help unclog pores and eliminate blemishes.


3. Serum

Serums are essential items in any skincare routine. Every drop contains concentrated nutrients, fluids, and antioxidants that improve your skin's health and look almost as soon as you apply them.

Unfortunately, people don't understand the importance of these products as they perform most of the work to beautify the skin. So while this item isn't essential, it is worth having if you desire a visually appealing skin quickly.

You can opt for a Vitamin C Serum, which shields the skin from damage by the elements and prevents inflammation, dark spots, and degradation due to free radicals. However, it's important to note that Serums can be very harsh on sensitive skin, so it isn't good to use them a few times a week instead of daily.


4. Eye cream

The tissues on the eye are different and more sensitive than other parts of the body, making them qualified for a particular skincare product. Applying an eye cream every night helps maintain your eyelids' health, colour, and thickness, ensuring the area does not lose laxity.

Opting to use an eye cream as often as possible ensures the eyelids remain elastic and prevents the loss of collagen or the appearance of wrinkles. Unlike exfoliation, it might take few days for results to appear; nevertheless, the wait is worthwhile as the extra protection and nutrients translated to beauty.

Eye Creams also protect the eyelids from excessive exposure thanks to the sunscreen they contain, making them a must-have for beauty enthusiasts.


5. Spot Treatments

The best time to apply spot treatment is at night because that's when your body's busy repairing itself. However, combining this product with items like an acne treater or a layer of retinol may irritate your skin, so consider applying it in the morning.

Nevertheless, your spot treatment should appear on your face before your moisturizer, enabling it to penetrate the skin to perform its task without having an obstacle similar to dirt and grime blocking its penetration path.

If you're wondering which spot treatment is ideal for your skin, consider getting one containing either hydroquinone or niacinamide. The former is a fast-acting substance for blemishes but can irritate sensitive skin, while the latter works slower but eliminates marks and scars.

Irrespective of when you decide to see this product, tap a thin layer onto the spot or scar and wait a few minutes for it to dry. Afterwards, apply Moisturizer to prevent the spot remover from getting wiped away, sealing it in place.


6. Moisturizer

Even if you don't have all the products mentioned in this article, a moisturizer should be your top priority as it's the primary product that keeps your skin healthy and elastic. Besides infusing hydration, a moisturizer can convey more ingredients to your skin by trapping all other products and preventing them from drying or cleaning off.

The best moisturizers are hyaluronic-based as they keep your skin hydrated without feeling greasy or heavy. You should also opt for one that contains sunscreen with a minimum value of SPF 30, especially if you won't be applying any sunscreen during the day.

Ensure it sits in your skin for a minimum of five minutes before applying your makeup or any other item.


7. Retinol

You can proceed to include the Vitamin A-giving product retinol into your skin as these items speed up cell turnover, encouraging your body to produce smoother, fresher, and less wrinkled skin. However, this product takes a while to act - roughly four to six months - but the results are worth the time.

Waiting a long time to see results may seem like a waste of money and time, but it's important to note that retinol also triggers the production of collagen and natural exfoliation, making dark spots, scars, breakouts, and acne remnants fade faster.


8. Face oil

Lastly, apply your face oil as this final ingredient will lock the moisture and ingredients from previous products, keeping them from evaporating. Contrary to popular beliefs, oil does not moisturize the skin on its own; its primary task is to seal products and their ingredients to the body and provide some nutrients.

Therefore, incorporating this item into your routine increases its effectiveness and leaves your skin looking smooth, clear, and soft over time. Additionally, oil isn't merely for dry skins as certain oils like jojoba and rose-hip can decrease the excessive oil in acne-prone skins.

It's also important to note that applying other products after oil is futile as these items cannot penetrate oil, but oil can slide through them. Therefore, the oil must be the last thing to apply to your face before leaving the house or going to bed.



Your makeup routine largely determines your skin's radiance and beauty, and applying the products in the wrong order reduces its efficacy and can lead to complications like irritations and acne. So follow this list thoroughly and expect a visually appealing skin in no time.

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