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Better Body, Better World, Better Future

Nothing feels as good as being nice and clean. But, for us, nice and clean is more than a feeling! It’s the way we run our business. It is doing things the right way. That’s why we are committed to offering the highest quality bath and body accessories. That’s why we act responsibly and sustainably. That’s why we treat our customers with respect and care. We believe there is a power in being nice and clean – because when you put “nice” and “clean” together, you have the foundation of a better body, a better world, and a better future.

- The Cleanlogic Team

Our Brands

Cleanlogic bath & body care products will leave you feeling smooth and refreshed every time.

Protect your skin and the environment with C.A.R.E. by Cleanlogic.

Get stronger scrubbing power and a deeper clean with Cleanlogic Men.

Transform your shower into a sanctuary with Cleanlogic Spa Essentials.



In 2018, Cleanlogic launched the C.A.R.E. line of products. C.A.R.E. stands for “Concern, Awareness and Responsibility for our Environment”.

All C.A.R.E. products are free from dyes, are made with Certified Organic Cotton and recycled polyester, and use soy-based foam. The packaging is made with 100% tree free paper and soy-based ink.

C.A.R.E. is just the first step. As a company we believe in doing the right thing. And we believe that means taking care of more than just your skin. It also means doing what we can to take care of the environment and this world we all share. That’s why we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and developing sustainable products and packaging alternatives. We are working to identify our sustainability goals and develop the plans that will help get us there. We also believe in the importance of transparency, so we will be sharing our action plans with you as soon as they are in place.

C.A.R.E. is the only bath and body accessory brand in the world to be Control Union Certified.


Inspired by his mother who lost her sight as a child, and the 25 million people in the United States who are visibly impaired, IMS founder Isaac Shapiro began “Brands with Braille,” Cleanlogic incorporates functional Braille on its packaging where possible to help blind and visually impaired individuals lead a more independent life. A portion of all Cleanlogic's sales go to visually impaired charities.