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For the Men - Should You Be Exfoliating?

As time progresses, the skin spends more time renewing itself, meaning dead skins stay longer on the surface, causing them to travel into the pore and produce acne, pimples, ingrown hair, wrinkles, and dull skin.

This problem is common in both men and women, and for anyone to prevent this unwanted scenario, they need to assist the skin in peeling the dead cells off the body. This process is called exfoliation, and although it's common amongst women, it can be done by men.

This article aims to reveal the top reasons men should exfoliate, alongside other important facts, such as the difference in male and female skin and the frequency of exfoliation. Let's begin.


Four Differences Between Male and Female Skin

Men and women are different in many ways, and besides strength and anatomy, this difference is present in their skin composition and structure. While they share similar features with female skin, understanding what makes the male's skin unique is crucial to having healthy and visually appealing skin.

For this reason, here are four of the top differences between male and female skin:


Facial Hair

The average woman has some facial hair, but the intensity is not on the same level as the man's, as men have a more thick and coarse gathering on their faces. Also, unlike women, shaving stresses the man's skin, leading to irritation, cuts, razor burns, bumps and other irritating factors; that's why many of their products are centered on facial hair.


Oil Production

Humans produce oil called Sebum, which helps to moisturize the skin, but men release this substance more than their female counterparts due to the presence of more and larger pores.

Therefore, more pores mean that men are shinier and encounter less dry skin than females but are also more prone to acne. This fact is sufficient reason to exfoliate as it reduces the potential of dead skin blocking the large pore opening.


Skin Density

The skin of an average man is 20-25% thicker than that of the average woman and possesses a tougher texture. This tissue also contains more collagen, resulting in a tighter and firmer appearance.

While the amount of collagen is high in men, it reduces as time progresses, like hoke women's collagen levels drop after menopause. However, collagen loss is more profound in women since the reduction is drastic in such a short time.



Due to the dense amount of collagen in men's skin, they age slightly slower than female skin; in fact, studies reveal that an older woman's skin is 15 years older than a man's skin of the same age.

However, the age gap is entirely noticeable due to the poor usage of sunscreen in men, unlike beauty-conscious women. In addition, continuous exposure to ultraviolet radiation causes the skin to age faster, which is more obvious in men.


The benefit of Exfoliation for Men

The benefits of exfoliation for men are similar to those enjoyed by women as it removes dead skin cells from the surface. However, this section will present additional benefits and tweak them to suit the male gender.

These benefits include:


Acne Reduction

Exfoliants are popular for removing acne from all skin types, and men can benefit from this advantage. Scrubs or chemical exfoliants containing compounds like Salicylic Acid, a Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA), are ideal for fighting acne as BHAs can absorb the oil and dissolve the dead skin blocking the pores.

This ingredient will control the population of acne on your face without making your skin dry.


Better Shaving

Face scrubs for men are designed to prepare your skin for shaving, similar to how exfoliating makes applying makeup easier. Once the face is prepped, you can experience a smoother and better shave without any irritating side effects that commonly plague men.

In other words, having to create countermeasures for ingrown hair, bumps, and razor burns will be a thing of the past if you exfoliate regularly.


Anti-aging Properties

Men are bound to look younger and healthier if they regularly use a face scrub or chemical exfoliant. The absence of Eye-bags and dry, wrinkled skin is responsible for this younger look and can only be achieved through the deep-cleansing properties of exfoliants.


Exfoliation Frequency for Men

Although men possess thicker skin than women, the recommended exfoliation frequency is once or twice a week with a face scrub. However, if the skin is extremely oily, the rate can rise to three times a week, and anything more than that would over-dry and damage the skin. Therefore, consider using an exfoliator after your shave.



The list of beauty products in the market is dominated by women, making many wonder whether men are conscious of their appearance. At the same time, most men don't spend a long time inspecting themselves in the mirror, some desire to look their best and spend time on their skin.

Fortunately, beauty products exist for men, and they also include exfoliants. Ultimately, men can exfoliate and enjoy the benefits of the process as it is essential for getting visually appealing skin.

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