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How to Exfoliate - Body

The desire for impeccable skin is undeniable as the beauty industry owes its success to people who desire to look their best all the time. While some spend money on expensive lotions and soaps, others go on a budget and employ more straightforward but effective methods.

Nevertheless, suppose you desire an even tone and visually appealing skin all over. In that case, your best bet is exfoliation, as most dull skins are due to dead cells that stick to the surface, causing the top layer to look unattractive.

However, simply running to the nearest store to get your hand on any exfoliant is not recommended, as there are things you need to know before beginning the process. Below is essential information to help you exfoliate your body effectively.


Physical vs. Chemical Exfoliation

Before going online and searching for "exfoliants" on or any online retailer, it's essential to know that there are two types of exfoliation: physical and chemical exfoliation.


Physical Exfoliation

Physical exfoliation involves using relatively abrasive materials to disconnect the dead skin cells from the topmost layer of the skin using friction. Some examples of exfoliants in this category include body scrub, brush, and scalpel.

Note that physical exfoliation is the most effective method as the process produces instant results after completion. You can find these exfoliants at the nearest beauty or drug store; however, since these exfoliants contain macroscopic components, excessive usage will result in micro-tears, damaging the skin.


Chemical Exfoliation

Chemical exfoliation employs chemicals to remove the dead cells from the body by waking the protein bonds to the fresh layer underneath, making it easy to wash off. For example, peels are regarded as chemical exfoliants, which are excellent for smoothing and brightening the face to produce the perfect glow effect.

The chemical constituents of these exfoliants include compounds like Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA), which are derived from natural substances for removing dry skin as they release the bond that holds the waste surface in place.

Unfortunately, the chemicals don't provide instant results like physical exfoliants as they need longer times to take effect. Nevertheless, they are effective at beautifying the skin and giving it radiance.


Determining Your Skin Type Before Exfoliating

Besides understanding the type of exfoliants to buy, you also need to observe your skin type to determine what product will work best for you. Using the wrong exfoliant on your skin may do more harm than good as they may be ineffective or result in irritations, acne, pimples, and a host of blemishes.

There are five skin types, which are:


Normal Skin

The normal skin type doesn't feel dry, not oily, and has a balance of both factors as the production of sebum, coupled with adequate blood circulation, makes it compatible with almost any exfoliant.


Dry Skin

The name is self-explanatory as dry skins are void of moisture, making them appear rough, flaky, and primarily unattractive. Additionally, due to the lack of water, the skin loses its elasticity, causing irritation and miniature inflammations.


Oily Skin

Oily skins are directly opposite to their dry counterparts as they possess an over-secretion of sebum, causing the surface to appear glossy. This skin type is problematic as the oil traps dead cells and transports them into the pores, leading to acne, pimples, and other troublesome bumps.


Combination Skin

Combination skin is the most sophisticated of the five skin types as it possesses parts that over-secrete oil and sections with extreme dryness. It's mostly common on the face, where the forehead, nose, and chin produce excessive sebum, while the cheeks remain very dry.


Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skins are delicate and mainly require a dermatologist's input before any beauty product can be applied. In addition, this skin type is reactive to specific products, resulting in irritation, redness, and other discomforts.

If you can deduce your skin type with these descriptions, take a sheet of paper, and place it on your face. If you see little to no oil on the material, you most likely have dry skin; if you see oil but only in the T-zone, you have combination or normal skin; however, if the material is soaked with oil, you have oily skin. Sensitive skins are easy to detect as they usually respond harshly to products, causing discomfort and milf aches to the body.


Exfoliating Each Body Part


The skin on the legs is rigid and less sensitive than the ones on the face; therefore, the recommended exfoliant for this section is a body scrub. After acquiring your exfoliant, gently scrub in circles as it'll increase blood circulation. If you wish to shave, do so after exfoliating to give you a closer shave.



The body scrub for your legs will work on your arm and apply the exfoliant and gently scrub in circles. Once done with the process, ensure to use a moisturizer to lock the moisture and prevent dryness later.


Hands & Feet:

the hands and feet are undeniably rough as they encounter more stress than any other body part. Nevertheless, proceed to exfoliate these parts with a body scrub, then moisturize after you're done. Your hands and feet should feel less scaly and dry after the process's completion.


Benefits of Exfoliation

As previously mentioned, exfoliation removes dead cells from the topmost layer of the skin, allowing the fresh layer underneath to be visible. This factor presents many benefits such as brightening the completion, improving the feel of your skin, and preventing the appearance of pimples, acne, blackheads, and whiteheads.

Ultimately, with exfoliation, one can look younger and healthier as the dead skin makes the surface look damaged. Removing them restored the lost radiance of the skin, making it feel smooth and visually appealing.



With these tips, exfoliating your body and achieving the complexion of your dreams won't be a difficult task as your skin will be void of factors that dull the appearance. Additionally, your skincare products will be more effective as they can penetrate the skin better and do their job.

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