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Detoxify Body Exfoliators, 3 Count


Body Scrubber: Easily remove dry, damaged and rough skin with this exfoliating cloth body scrubber. This charcoal body scrubber is gentle yet effective at renewing and reviving your skin’s natural glow.

How To Use: Massage your body in circular motions to remove the dry skin and dead skin cells blocking your pores.

Nice And Clean: Refresh, rinse and use the hanging loop to air dry! Keep your skin clean and smooth for up to 30 uses before needing to replace your scrubber.

Pack of Three: Get three of our amazing scrubbers in this pack. Each individual scrubber has a 30-day lifespan. Great for the family or for your own self-care needs.

A Better Clean For All: Our priority at Cleanlogic is to offer high-quality bath brushes, exfoliating towels and other sustainable bath products that help rejuvenate your skin’s glow. Our packaging has braille on it making it all inclusive.

Experience the benefits of exfoliation.

Feel good about our sustainable materials.

Do good. We give back to visually impaired charities.

Detoxify Body Exfoliators, 3 Count