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Sustainable Exfoliating Stretch Cloths, 3 Count


Organic Stretch Cloth: Tend to the health of your skin and the planet with this stretchy, non-toxic skin exfoliator. We used organic cotton, recycled materials and a blend of exfoliating materials to create this stretch wash cloth.

How To Use: Massage your body in circular motions to remove the dry skin and dead skin cells blocking your pores.

Nice And Clean: Benefit from exfoliation and enjoy the refreshing and rejuvenating sensation of your skin with every use. Cleanlogic uses a unique and exclusive blend of exfoliating materials for a long-lasting smooth, hygienic clean feeling all over.

Pack of Three: Get three of our amazing stretch cloths in this pack. Each individual stretch cloth has a 30-day lifespan. Great for the family or for your own self-care needs.

A Better Clean For All: Cleanlogic packaging has functional Braille to help the blind and visually impaired. A portion of our sales go to organizations for the visually impaired and employing people with disabilities. Cleanlogic is a minority owned business.

Experience the benefits of exfoliation.

Feel good about our sustainable materials.

Do good. We give back to visually impaired charities.

Sustainable Exfoliating Stretch Cloths, 3 Count