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All About Sustainable Bath Products

Create a better clean for you and the planet with ethical bath products.


Caring is at the center of everything we do at Cleanlogic. As a sustainable personal care brand, we want to help you glow your brightest in a thriving environment!

However, maintaining a beautiful world requires a team effort from all of us. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, plastic packaging and containers accounted for over 14.5 million tons of municipal solid waste in just 2018. That same year, we joined the list of sustainable brands to help reduce our carbon footprint as a company.


Since then, we’ve been all about sustainability. We launched a separate line of sustainable bath products made from recycled and reclaimed plastics, soy-based foam and certified organic cotton. These dye-free washcloths, bath brushes, shower gloves and other organic exfoliators use environmentally sustainable packaging made with soy-based ink and 100% tree-free paper! 

Feel extra good about your deep clean, knowing that the materials from our Sustainable line are sustainably sourced and helping to protect the environment for future generations!


Start in the shower! Switching your body loofah or exfoliating towel to a sustainable alternative can help reduce your plastic and paper consumption. Keep reading to see the eco-friendly options we always keep on our shelf:

Recycled Mesh Sponge: Made from 100% recycled materials, this bath sponge creates a rich, soothing lather that will leave your skin feeling ultra-fresh! 

Back Exfoliator With Handles: Easily get a deep clean on your back with the soft, certified organic cotton and convenient handles made from recycled plastic. 

Dual Texture Body Exfoliator: Scrub and smooth your skin with this double-sided washcloth made from dye-free materials, certified organic cotton and recycled polyester!

Logic(al) Advice: Use our Sustainable line for the health benefits of organic products! The certified organic cotton and dye-free materials can help leave a gentler clean on your skin.

Do you have any questions about our sustainable bath products? Transparency is important to us! Leave your questions in the comments or contact us @Cleanlogic on Instagram.

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