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Body Wash or Bar Soap – both get you clean, but which one is right for you?

It wasn’t until the 1980’s that liquid soap was mass produced in the USA market. Ever since that time, the age-old question has been: which to use?   Bar soap gives the user a squeaky-clean experience, while body wash, when used with wash cloths and loofahs, gives a richly lathered clean.

We are giving the pros and cons of each, so you can make an informed choice as to which one will work best for you.  No matter which type of soap you prefer, an exfoliating washcloth, mitt or mesh sponge can give you the glowing and soft skin you desire.

The Bar Soap Argument:

  1. Bathing in Small Spaces
    When you don’t have a big space to store a bottle of body wash, a small soap dish or even “soap on a rope” can find a place to live in the smallest of spaces. 

  2. Easy to use
    We all know how to use bar soap – we’ve used it forever!  Get it wet and rub it around.  You can make more lather by using a washcloth or loofah.  You can even use other things, like brushes and scrubbers – the flexibility of bar soap shows why it has been around since we started bathing! 

  3. For sensitive skin
    Plant-based bar soaps are perfect for sensitive skin. Even if you have skin issues like eczema or psoriasis, you can find a bar soap that will work for you.  Make sure to look at the ingredients and pH balance to ensure it will not be too harsh for your skin.

  4. For oily skin
    When you have oily skin and do not need the extra hydration, bar soaps without the added ingredients work perfectly!  These types of soaps get you squeaky clean and keep you oil free.  Add lotion to the spots you want to keep soft (and clean)! 

  5. Clean with or without the extras
    While a bar soap will get the job done with only your hands, of course we recommend adding to the experience with an exfoliating washcloth, mesh sponge or scrubber.  Lather up to get your skin soft and clean with any or all options when using bar soap. 

The Body Wash Argument: 

  1. Hydration for everyplace
    With hydrating and moisturizing properties, most body washes can be used all over your body – including your face.  Bar soaps can be drying and sometimes a bit harsh to use on the face.    
  1. A luxurious lather
    One of the greatest benefits to body wash is the ability to lather up with those wonderful soapy bubbles! The more you squish it around on your mesh sponge or wash cloth, the more lather you create – a luxurious bathing experience awaits you. 
  1. Travel-Friendly
    Fill your favorite travel bottle with your body wash, and you are ready to take your bathing routine on the road!  Now you don’t have to worry about what your hotel or your friend’s house has in the shower.   Stick with what you like! 
  1. For Sensitive Skin
    If you have sensitive skin, you can look for products with plant-based ingredients without strong foaming agents.  Since sulfate cleansers can aggravate delicate skin as well, sulfate free body washes are available to keep your skin  soft and clean without added chemicals.    
  1. For Dry Skin
    Many body washes have added skin-softening emollients.  These will keep your skin hydrated and full of moisture.  Creamy body washes help to keep the moisture in your skin, while still getting you soft and clean. 
Whether it is bar soap or body wash, find the one that is best for you and use it wherever you can – at home or on the road. Maintain your skin routine and don’t forget to exfoliate to get the softest and cleanest skin.

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