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Exfoliating + Makeup

A woman's makeup doesn't define her beauty, but wearing one flawlessly is guaranteed to get heads turning her way. Therefore, applying makeup on dry and flaky skin doesn't produce desired results as it comes with less coverage and poor blending.

The best remedy for this problem is skin exfoliation since the primary purpose of this process is to remove the dead skin off the surface and reveal the fresh layer underneath.

Exfoliation before applying makeup is a trick that all celebrities follow, and you can incorporate it into your beauty. This article will help you understand exfoliation, why it's worth your while, and how to begin.


Benefits of Exfoliation

Before explaining how to exfoliate your skin before makeup properly, it's crucial to highlight why the process is worth your while. Besides clearing your face for smooth application, exfoliation also presents the following benefits:


Unclogged Pores

Applying exfoliators on your face essentially reduces the chances of developing whiteheads or blackheads as washing away the dead skin cells prevents them from mixing with the body's oil and clogging the pores.


Acne Prevention

This benefit is an extension of the one previously mentioned as pimples and acne develop when dead skin is mixed with the body's oil and finds its way into the pores. This mass blocks secretion, causing the orifice to swell, protrude, and irritate.


Improves the Efficacy of Skincare Products

Since pores are liberated of blockages, and the skin surface is void of dead cells, other beauty products can now perform effectively and penetrate deeper into the skin. This improvement enables the tissue to absorb the valuable nutrients that the products offer, resulting in healthy and radiant skin.


An Even Skin Tone

A common misconception is that body lotions are all you need to achieve the perfect skin tone; however, this claim holds little water as dark spots, scars, rough texture, and hyperpigmentation rarely leave without exfoliation. Therefore, if you desire an even tone, focus on eliminating dead cells that taint your body's beauty.


Improved Circulation and Lymphatic Drainage

Stimulation of lymphatic drainage for internal cleaning and the production of oxygen-rich blood to nourish the skin's surface is another benefit of exfoliation. Lymphatic drainage helps detoxify the skin and remove compounds that degrade its quality, while the production of oxygen-rich blood keeps the skin looking radiant and healthy.


Different Types of Exfoliation

Exfoliants come in different shapes and sizes, but irrespective of the diversity, they all fall into two categories, which are physical and chemical exfoliants. They both perform the same task of removing dead skin from the top layer but execute this task differently.

Here's a breakdown of both exfoliation types:


Physical Exfoliation

Physical exfoliants offer almost instant results upon application and are excellent for quick at-home exfoliation before heading to work or an occasion. This speed is due to these products being made of abrasive components, which use friction to scratch off the dead layer of the body.

Note that the process is painless, but scrubbing unnecessary is guaranteed to leave microscopic cuts, leading to skin dryness. Nevertheless, these products are made with natural ingredients like oatmeal and crushed almonds, making them safe for the environment and ideal for users who desire products with natural ingredients.

The biggest selling point of physical exfoliation is the instant result it provides, which takes less than five minutes to be apparent.


Chemical Exfoliation

On the other hand, we have chemical exfoliation, which is also considered a more professional option. The product involves a controlled amount of mild chemicals and acids to weaken the bond between dead skin and the new surface, making it easy to remove.

While this option is ideal for people with sensitive skin, it takes a longer time to produce results, unlike physical exfoliation, making it a poor option for beauty enthusiasts in a rush. Nevertheless, they provide numerous other benefits as some come to double as moisturizers to keep the skin hydrated as the top layer disappears.


How to Exfoliate

Before choosing which exfoliants to use, you need to determine your skin type is dry, oily, and combination skin responds differently to different treatments. Therefore, consider inspecting your skin and have a concrete understanding of its requirements before applying any product.

If you opt for a mechanical exfoliant like a face scrub, apply the item gently on the skin with two fingers and rub in a circular motion. Once you have repeated this process throughout substantial portions of your face, rinse with lukewarm water.

On the other hand, suppose you opt for mild chemical exfoliants that come in liquid form, apply with a washcloth or cotton pad. After a few minutes, rinse off the compound and enjoy your day.

Ensure to never use exfoliants for other parts of the body on the face as the skin on each side possesses a different texture and can be damaged by using the wrong product.



Is Exfoliation Necessary?

A pile of dead skin cells on the face is problematic since it makes the tissue less visually appealing and clogs the pores. Both issues need rectification as the skin will eventually appear dry, dull, rough, and riddled with acne.


How Often Should I Exfoliate?

Experts advise beauty enthusiasts to exfoliate at least once a week and no more than thrice for maximum results. While the process leaves the skin looking beautiful, excessive exfoliation will damage the skin and lead to further degradation.


What Ingredients are Best?

When buying chemical exfoliants, keep your eyes peeled for ingredients like Salicylic, Lactic, and Glycolic Acids, as they are perfect at removing dead cells with no irritation on sensitive skins.

As for physical exfoliation, ingredients like bamboo beads and jojoba beads are gentle on the skin as they remove the extra layer of dead skin cells. Additionally, these items are biodegradable, mending they have no adverse effect on the planet after usage.



With this information, you'll be able to prepare your face for makeup before leaving the house for your big event. Also, consider speaking with a dermatologist if you can't identify which exfoliants will suit your skin type because using the wrong product can do more harm than good.

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