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Exfoliation for Active Bodies

As time progresses, the human body's ability to rapidly renew cells to their initial form slows down, causing dead skin to dominate our body and create an unappealing complexion. However, there are ways to reverse the adverse effects of your body's cell turnover and turn your skin from a dull complexion to something bright and beautiful - Exfoliation.

Exfoliation is humanity's invention in a desperate attempt to retain its visual appeal as the process eliminates the ugly part of the skin and reveals the inner glow. To learn more about exfoliation and how you can apply it to your life, continue reading this post.


What is Exfoliation?

Since the culprit responsible for our loss of beauty as we age are dead skin cells, exfoliation is the process of removing these waste tissues from the surface to reveal the newer skin underneath.

This process is an essential tip for beauty enthusiasts as it's the best way to achieve radiant skin with a youthful complexion. The treatment clears the waste materials off prominent places in your body such as lips, face, feet, and even scalp, revealing a surface that makes you a sight for sore eyes.

Irrespective of how you exfoliate, either with the use of chemicals to break down the dead cells with its active ingredients or with an abrasive surface, you can expect to possess a fresher, brighter, and younger-looking skin once the treatment is complete.

Additionally, removing the dead cells via exfoliation enables the skin to absorb moisture better, as well as other nutrients that accompany your skincare routine. Things to know before Exfoliating

The idea of rectifying your skin and restoring your former glow may excite you, but before you run to the nearest store to buy exfoliation materials, here are some things you need to know to exfoliate effectively. These include:


Exfoliation Frequency

Unlike bathing that needs to happen twice a day for you to possess a new and healthy body, exfoliation should only be done once a week. This time frame allows the skin to collect enough dead cells that make the treatment worth it.

However, this one-week rule majorly applies to strong exfoliants like masks and peels since gentle Exfoliants like body scrubs and lotion are mild and can be used every two to three days.


Time to Exfoliate

The correct time to exfoliate, whether during the day or night, depends on your schedule and your preferred time.

Some individuals exfoliate during the day as it makes them more visually appealing, while others prefer performing the treatment at night because it enables their face to absorb nutrients from their skincare routine.

Ultimately, choosing the time to exfoliate primarily depends on your schedule and preference.


Getting the Correct Exfoliants for your Skin

Suppose you're worried about getting the right exfoliant. In that case, the best option is to avoid using any robust options such as peels and scrubs, but a milder alternative like an enzymatic peel.

If you have sensitive skin that immediately reacts to the slightest inputs of chemicals, consider using exfoliants that contain bromelain, papain, or ficain, as they are ideal for sensitive skins.

Note: stop the usage of any exfoliant once pain or irritation occurs during or after the process.


How to Exfoliate Your Face, Body, and Lips

Suppose you want specific tips on what products are ideal for exfoliating particular parts of your body effectively. In that case, this section will be dedicated to each area, which is the face, body, and lips. Let's begin!



Exfoliating Lotions

Exfoliation lotions remove waste from your skin and double as a moisturizer, multitasking to provide you with a fresh and attractive face. For an intense effect, pick a lotion containing glycolic acid to boost your acquisition of more hydrated and youthful skin.


Face Scrubs

Scrubs are often the first options that people imagine once exfoliation is mentioned, as they are one of the easiest ways to remove the dead cells on your face. They are practical and mostly mind on the skin, so you can add them to your beauty routine every two days whenever you wash your face.



Face Peels are popular due to their efficacy at exfoliating the skin and removing acne and other blemishes. Consider using products that contain salicylic acid or glycolic as it promotes the creation of healthier and clear skin.

Note: avoid using body peels on your face as they deal with stricter skin and will be too harsh for your face



Body Peels

Body Peels help keep the skin elastic by adding fruit enzymes, glycolic acid, and lactic acid. Application of this type of exfoliant keeps the skin looking younger and clears clogged follicles and pores.



These gloves are specially woven to quickly swipe away dead skin cells to reveal the fresh skin underneath. You can pair them with other products like body scrubs for a more potent effect; nevertheless, equip the gloves and perform a circular motion around your body as you use them.

Note: gloves and dry skins are incompatible as they will cause irritation and more dryness.


Exfoliating Body Lotions

If your skin is too sensitive for body feels or gloves, the best option is to use gentle body lotions as they are ideal for bodies that need a kind and soft touch. While getting this Exfoliant, ensure you acquire the variant that contains alpha or beta hydroxy acids for the best results.




Dry, chapped, and flaky Lips are a common problem that we all face. Some people proceed to tackle this problem with layers of lip balm; the best solution is to scrub off the dead cells that promote dryness.

The best way to perform this treatment is to apply petroleum jelly on your toothbrush - like Vaseline - and wash off the waste. Completing this process will leave your lips soft, smooth, and free of dirt.

You can also purchase a lip scrub online, apply it with your finger, and then wipe it off after a short while.


How often Should you Exfoliate?

As previously mentioned, exfoliation shouldn't be done as frequently as bathing, but within two to three times per week for mild exfoliants. You can use chemical exfoliants more regularly since they contain glycolic acid that's gentle on the body.

On the other hand, physical exfoliants like scrubs and gloves should be used once a week due to their harshness. Excessive usage of the item will instantly result in skin irritation and possible damage.



In the end, exfoliation is an essential treatment that beauty enthusiasts need to apply to have radiant skin. While chemical and physical exfoliants effectively remove the dead cells, the former is more forgiving in delicate skins and can double as a moisturizer.

Consider exfoliating to achieve an unbeatable natural glow.

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