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The Top Benefits of Body Exfoliation

Bath gloves vs. loofah, what’s going to be a better clean?


What is exfoliating skin? To keep it short and sweet: Exfoliating removes dead skin cells from the skin’s surface using chemical (think AHA/BHA & glycolic acids), granular substances (think sugar/salt scrubs) or exfoliation tools (our personal fave).

Why we love it? According to the American Academy of Dermatology, exfoliation can leave skin with a brighter appearance (Hello, glow!) while improving the effectiveness of your lotions, moisturizers or body oils. Exfoliating on the daily can prevent clogged pores. In the long term, exfoliating can actually increase collagen production. Collagen is a protein that promotes skin elasticity, i.e. the appearance of wrinkles or sagging skin. Basically, we’ll take all the collagen we can get!



Keep reading to learn about the benefits of exfoliating the skin and body and the types of organic bath body products we’re always reaching for: 

LOOFAHS: Ah, the classics. This fibrous texture doesn’t cause that scratchy, gritty exfoliation feeling since it’s dampened and lathered by water and soap. Safe for daily use, this delicate mesh fabric bath sponge removes dead skin cells while cleansing and soothing.

BODY GLOVES: We call this a major fashion statement. Exfoliating bath gloves offer a bit more grit to them while also protecting the palms of your hands from granular scrubbing. Bonus! Our unique antimicrobial protection kills or slows the spread of microorganisms such as bacteria and mold. Make sure to dry those bad boys in between washes and replace every 30 days for your best clean. 

STRETCH WASH CLOTH: The name says it all. Exfoliating washcloths stretch up to 3x the size of a regular bath wash cloth, so you can finally reach areas like your back. Some exfoliating towels can get stiff, so we added a unique blend of materials to ensure it’s the best washcloth for sensitive skin!

DRY BRUSHING: With zero water needed in this process, the benefits of dry brushing are endless! This wooden bath brush exfoliates away dead skin cells and dry skin, leaving behind a smooth, soft appearance to the skin. Plus, these coarse bristles can be massaged all over the body to aid the lymphatic system and removal of toxins.

Logic(al) Advice: If your top concern is treating blackheads, clogged pores on the body or body acne, try a charcoal body exfoliator to help purify and remove toxins.


Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance. Make sure to keep your skin hydrated post-shower and use non-comedogenic lotions to maintain that beautiful glow, without the bumps.

Have any more questions about non-toxic skin exfoliation? You’re in the right place! Let us know in the comments or tag us @Cleanlogic on Instagram.

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