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Top 10 Things to Pair With Scrubbers

Scrubbers and physical exfoliators, in general, are essential beauty items that experts and celebrities recommend. They help make the skin look more radiant and healthy as it eliminates the dead cells on the surface, revealing the fresh skin underneath.

Despite the excellence of this beauty product, it is not omnipotent as you can combine other products with improving its efficacy. However, some of these items are essential since the exfoliation process will do more damage than good.

This article will present ten of these products to combine with your scrubber and get the maximum result from exfoliating your skin.


1. Moisturizers

Emphasizing the importance of moisturizing cannot be overdone as you must execute the process daily for healthy skin. This requirement is predicated on the fact that the skin requires moisture to maintain its elasticity and prevent the surface from turning dry and invading the pores, resulting in blemishes, acne, and pimples.

One reason why moisturizers are worth pairing with Scrubbers is that they replenish the skin's moisture after the exfoliation process is complete. It's worth noting that exfoliation eliminates obstacles and blemishes from the skin and removes the body's moisture in the process.

Failure to rehydrate the skin will result in poor elasticity and moisture, leading to breakage, itching, flaking, redness, and many unwanted skin issues.


2. Face cleanser

Next in this list is the face cleanser, which is another essential element during exfoliation. A face cleanser's primary duty is to rid the skin of dirt, grime, and dust without stripping too much oil away from the tissue.

Face cleansers are technically better than regular soaps; they may be too harsh and proceed to dissolve everything off the skin, leading to damage and dryness.

Face cleansers must be used before exfoliation as the appearance of dust, dirt, oil, makeup, and other obstacles reduce the scrub's efficacy. In other words, without a face cleanser, scrubbing will be less effective and rid less than half of the dead skin cells.


3. Eye cream

Good skincare around the eyes is indispensable as the first signs of old age begin with this region; fortunately, you don't need an expensive eye cream for the task. Nevertheless, you need to apply this formulated product to make the skin around the eye more healthy and visually appealing.

This product pairs well with scrubbers because they don't work well with this region of the eye due to their coarse nature and the skin's soft texture. This area best works with chemical exfoliants of dedicated eye creams that provide essential nutrients to that area and make it more beautiful.

It's worth noting that eye creams are formulated to treat conditions like dark circles, eye bags, wrinkles, and saggy skin. In addition, they hydrate the surface, protect it from excessive sunlight, and supply other necessary nutrients to the cells.


4. Toners

Most beauty enthusiasts have this item in their collection without knowing why it's essential. The job of toners is to eliminate the slightest trace of dirt, grime, and other impurities stuck inside the pores after washing with soap or face cleansers.

These items provided various benefits such as reduced chances of developing acne, tightening the pores, and providing essential nutrients to the surface. They also help restore the skin's pH, remove rough patches, and improve the skin tone - they are genuinely beneficial.

Naturally, toners need to be applied before exfoliation and face cleansers to make the removal of dead skin easier for the exfoliant. Note that this particular item isn't necessary, but its benefits make it a worthwhile option.


5. Face Serum

Like the toner, the face Serum is another product that's not essential but a beneficial ingredient in your beauty routine as it's packed with active ingredients that nourish the skin. In addition, due to the product's concentration, results with Serums take a shorter time, meaning you'll see your skin change for the better in a matter of days.

Naturally, this product goes after cleansing and exfoliating but before moisturizing as you need the cream to lock the Serum into the surface and deliver its content. Note that there are different types of Serum and the one you choose depends on your beauty goals.

Nevertheless, including Serums in your beauty routine after exfoliating with scrubs is guaranteed to make you look more beautiful and younger than your age.


6. Sunscreen

If you're someone who lives in a region with constant sunlight, you've most likely noticed the effect of the sun on your skin after a whole day of exposure. Continuous exposure to the sun's light for more weeks will result in damages and changes in color that are undesired.

For this reason, it is better to apply sunscreen on the body before leaving the house and heading into the sun to protect your face from unnecessary exposure to UV light.

Sunscreens and scrubs go together if you exfoliate in the mornings before going to work or other dusky activities. Since the dead layer is removed and the existing surface is fresh, prevent it from untimely decay and damage from the sun with sunscreen. It's your best bet at having skin that's moisturized and free of redness.


7. Face oil

Naturally, the body produces its oil, which is essential for keeping the skin moist and preventing liquid from escaping. Besides being perfect for locking moisture, face pop also possesses antibacterial and anti-aging properties, meaning you'll look young and fresh constantly.

Applying this product should come after the Moisturizer, Toner, Serum, and other items as the oil locks them all in place. Using the oil first before other products will weaken their effect as they can not soak through the oil's layer.


8. Lip Balm

Lip balms are special moisturizers that are explicitly designed to keep the lips hydrated and free from dryness. The protective layer made by the balm is similar to the one made by combining a moisturizer and face oil, protecting the lips from damage from the elements.

While lip balms are not necessary after exfoliating at night, it's essential to use them during the day as they preserve your lips from the scorching sun and ensure it remains healthy. You can opt for ones made of Hemp oil as they moisturize the lips and infuse it with numerous nutrients.


9. Spot Remover

Scars and extremely dark spots cause the skin to look less attractive, and even more apparent marks make it difficult to wear specific clothes. Fortunately, you can eliminate this problem within a short time with a spot remover.

Naturally, this product comes after exfoliation as you're required to apply it to the area and let it sit overnight, dissolving the dead tissue. But, fundamentally, this item eliminates the dead cells that exfoliation cannot remove, and they are a worthwhile pair as they complement each other.


10. Retinol

Retinol is a type of vitamin A that helps stimulate collagen in the body and accelerate skin turnover, resulting in removing lines, wrinkles, acne marks, blemishes, and discoloration. Very few know its usefulness, but it is often the star ingredient in many anti-aging serums and creams.

Most people prefer to mix their retinol with their moisturizer, but a reasonable option is applying it after the moisturizer. Note that sunscreen must be used as well with Retinol to reduce irritation for sensitive skins.

Nevertheless, Retinol is essential, and once you've built your skin's tolerance to the product, you can use it every day to enjoy smoother and good-looking skin with little to no breakouts and clogged pores.



So there you have it, the top ten products worth combining with Scrubbers to get the most out of the beautification process. Keep in mind that some of the products here are optional but still worth a try if you desire impeccable skin. If you notice irritation or any discomfort while using any suggested products, cease usage and consult your local dermatologist.

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