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What's Pumice Anyway?

While our body works tirelessly to keep the skin fresh and radiant, the task may be too difficult due to our environment and daily lifestyle. For this reason, we have to take matters Into our hands and create tools to support our body's natural beautification process, resulting in the ancient Pumice stone.

This unique beautify tool has existed long before our current civilization, dating as far back as 100 B.C.E., as it helped locals turn dry feet, elbows, and palms smooth and silky. Unlike regular rough stones, this ancient device is so gentle at removing flaky surfaces that you can use it daily.

However, if you're like most curious individuals, you're probably asking questions about this stone-like its origin, availability, usefulness, and many more. Fortunately, all pending thoughts will be addressed in this article.

Let's begin.


Pumice Stone Definition

Based on observation, the Pumice stone is derived from the combination of water and lava; in other words, lava rapidly cools once it comes in contact with water of lower temperatures, resulting in the tiny bubbles found throughout the Pumice stone.

This rough/porous texture is perfect for removing dried patches on the feet, hands, and elbows, making it easier for softer and fresher skin to emerge. Additionally, this skincare material still reigns in the beauty store because of its effectiveness over exfoliants like scrubs, chemicals, and sponges, as these items can fix overly crusty skin.

Ultimately, Pumice stones have been effective for centuries and, luckily, they aren't difficult to find in your city.


How to Get a Pumice stone?

Thanks to global commerce, your city most likely possesses Pumice stone in a local beauty or grocery store, but it might go by another name. Nevertheless, the best place to get high-quality Pumice stone is a local beauty store or reputable beauty store.

If these locations don't possess the stone, they can point you in the right direction to acquire the product. Alternatively, you can order the rock from Amazon or any reputable website that specializes in beauty products. They are impossible to miss as they look unique and come with two sides; one for stricter skin and more sensitive areas.

Note that you need to pair it with other items like a soft towel and a bowl of warm soapy water to use this stone successfully. This combination is crucial when exfoliating the feet and hands, but you should do sensitive areas like the neck, elbows, and face in the shower.


How to Beautify the Feet with a Pumice Stone

The primary use of the Pumice stone is to freshen the feet as it is often susceptible to cracks and dryness, making it visually appealing. For this reason, this section will provide a step-by-step guide on how to remove dead, patchy skin with the Pumice stone and get sexy feet.



First, gather all your material into a spot where they can be easily accessed, and these materials will include a soft towel, moisturizer, and bristle brush. Once all these items are present, insert the feet into a bowl of warm water for five to ten minutes.

This process of soaking helps soften the hardened skin, making it easier to exfoliate with the Pumice stone. Afterward, add soap or oil to increase softness and further drive the area ideal for the job.


Applying the Pumice Stone

Before using the Pumice stone, soak the item in warm water to prevent excessive friction as too much grip can cause injury and strip more flesh than previously intended. A wet Pumice stone is a go-to option as it glides across the skin with zero risks of injury.

After soaking your foot for five to ten minutes, dry the area with a soft towel before applying the stone to the skin. If the foot still appears crusty, dry, and strong, soak it for another 5 minutes.

Afterward, apply the Pumice stone on the soft, flaky skin surface by rubbing the abrasive side in a circular motion with light pressure. Continue the process for two to three minutes and only halt when you feel irritated or sore as you're most likely applying too much pressure on the surface.

When exfoliating the feet with the Pumice stone, your primary target is the heels, the side of the toes, and other dry areas. Continue rubbing the stone in a circular motion on these areas until you peel through the crusty layer to fresh skin.

After a few minutes of light rubbing, proceed to rinse the skin and inspect the result. If you notice patches of dead skin, repeat the process on that area until you see an improvement.

*Note: Ensure to rinse the surface while exfoliating to keep the area clean and free of obstacles.


Finishing Touch

Once the exfoliation is finished, proceed to moisturize the area to keep the surface hydrated and soft. Additionally, ensure to clean the Pumice stone with running water, soap, and a bristle brush to remove dead cells between the pores.

Ensure not to share your Pumice stone with friends, family members, or loved ones, as this action will encourage the spread of germs, bacteria, and other harmful pathogens that may damage your skin.



Ultimately, before the days of beauty salons, Pumice stones ruled the world and gave people the foot they desire. Therefore, feel free to experiment with this rock, but if you find the process of tasking, you can always get a pedicure at your local salon.

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